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An Eaton supercharger, 6.2-litre V8 driving the rear wheels, nearly 600bhp and a soundtrack guaranteed to make your hairs stand on end: welcome to Vauxhall’s new VXR8 GTS. Its heart is a new supercharged LSA V8, delivering 576bhp and 545lb ft of torque.

The new design’s bold graphics and shallow ramp angles emphasise width and stance. The ‘twin-nostril’ grille and an all-new fascia help to deliver both an aggressive look and an air intake surface large enough to cool the LSA V8.

New 20-inch ‘blade’ forged alloys wheels are wider than their predecessor’s for more grip and fitted with Continental tyres as standard, to provide exceptional performance both in wet and dry conditions.

A raft of new technologies – never before seen in this new model – mean the VXR8 GTS has come of age.


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